About Me

Val Muller
English teacher by day, writer by night, I grew up in cold and haunted New England and have moved up and down the East Coast before finding the right balance in Northern Virginia. I have two corgis, a rambunctious and curious dog named Leia, and an kind and obedient (yet terrified) dog named Yoda. You can contact me at mercuryval [at] yahoo [dot] com. You can also find some of my works on my Amazon author page (

Published (or Forthcoming) Fiction


  • Corgi Capers: a middle-grade mystery novel inspired by my two Pembroke Welsh Corigs, Yoda and Leia (Dancing With Bear publishing)


  • “For Whom My Heart Beats Eternal” (forthcoming with Rebel Ink Press)

Short Stories:


  • “Bridgeport Occupied,” with Slant of Light Theater, Bridgeport, CT. This play is based on a series of interviews with residents of Bridgeport, CT on issues concerning their daily lives, from their opinion of the local and national economy to the nature of their own American Dreams.
  • “The Holidays in Verse,” a children’s play originally performed at the Milford Actors’ Studio, Milford, CT (December 1999).

Fiction: In the Pipeline

The Girl Who Flew Away: a young adult novel about a girl who is searching for her friend in an isolated state park in Connecticut–and ends up finding herself.

Faulkner’s Apprentice: a horror novel (for adults) about a woman who wins an apprenticeship with the master of dark fiction only to find herself plagued by memories, a haunted mansion, and a grisly man in a fedora.

Corgi Capers: the sequel. Currently in the editing phase.


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2 responses to “About Me

  1. Kelly Louise (@GenePoolDiva)

    February 5, 2012 at 10:38 pm

    Years ago I delivered mail in a rough neighborhood and, whenever a certain angry dog was on the loose, a welsh corgi would meet my jeep and guard my flank. Every single time. I never got over how wonderful she was. You couldn’t pick a better friend to write about.

  2. mercuryval

    February 5, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    Yes, they are very loyal dogs. Thanks for the comment!


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